Turntable Cake

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This is a 3D cake of a vintage phonograph or a turntable. I made this cake for the 80th birthday of  a music lover. I hand-painted the pieces of the cake to make it look like varnished wood. Then I used edible gold luster dust on the dials.

Pokemon Cake

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Been doing a lot of anime themed cakes lately. Here is my first time to make a Pokemon themed cake. For the top layer I made it look similar to a pokeball. Then I placed Pikachu and a pokeball on top of the cake. On the bottom of the cake I added a Togepi and Chikorita.

Jurassic World Cake

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This is based on the logo of the Jurassic World movie. Instead of the words Jurassic World, I put in the name of the celebrant and I made 9 claw marks. On the front of the cake, I placed a gate to Jurassic World. I also added dinosaur eggs.

Norie’s Kitchen – Circus Cake

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Here is a circus themed birthday cake. For the 2nd layer of the cake, I made it look like a big top. I also made gumpaste figures of animals you usually see at the circus.

Norie’s Kitchen – Naruto Cake 2

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Here is a Naruto themed birthday cake I made. It features Naruto and Sasuke. I made the cake look like the folded jacket of Naruto and his head band on top

Norie’s Kitchen – Badminton Shuttlecock Cake

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This my 2nd version of a 3D shuttlecock cake. This is a lot bigger than the first I made. The diameter at the bottom is around 12″ and the height of the cake is around 16″ high.

Norie’s Kitchen – One Piece Pirate Ship

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Here is a 3D cake I made based on the “Going Merry”. It was the first ship used by the Straw Hat pirates on the anime One Piece.

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