Norie’s Kitchen – Plants vs Zombies 2: Beach Wave Cake

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PvZ Beach Wave Cake

When I was just starting out making cakes, the popular game then was Plants vs Zombies. I think I made more than 20 versions of Plants vs Zombies cake. So it was refreshing when I was asked to make another PvZ cake. This time it’s based on the PvZ2: Beach Wave and the zombies looks like they’re having a 60’s beach party, with zombies that are surfing and female zombies with big hair. All of them look cute in their own ways except for thebeach version of the gargantuar which is still a scary thing.

Cake details:
Size: 9″ x 13″
Icing: Fondant
Characters: Gumpaste

Norie’s Kitchen – Book Themed Cake

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Norie's Kitchen - Book Preacher.jpg

My family and I are Feast attendees. We belong to the Feast Dasmarinas community and we celebrated our Feast builder’s birthday last week. This is the cake I made for Bro. Boggs and the story behind the design.

I used books as the theme for his cake since as a builder he has to learn new things to make him more effective in serving God. For the title of the books he is standing on, I used the different roles in life. The bottom book pertains to his role as a leader of the two Feasts (Bacoor and Dasmarinas) aside from being a leader in his career. The second book refers to his role as family man. There is also a reason why he is standing on these books.

The third book where the cake topper is leaning on is the Holy Bible. I positioned it this way because of what the leaning position represents. When you lean on something, that something provides you stability and strength. In this case he is leaning on the Bible, God’s word. This means that God’s word is his source of stability and strength so he can handle the challenges of being a leader to us and a loving father and husband. This is the reason he is standing on the other books.



Norie’s Kitchen – Up Themed Party

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Norie's Kitchen - Up Cake Cookies Cupcakes.jpg

This set-up was made for an Up themed party. Together with an Up themed cake we made a batch of cookies and cupcakes as dessert and party favors. We also made personalized tags for the cookies.

Cake details:
Size: 12″ – 10″ – 8″
Flavor: Chocalate and Red Velvet

Norie’s Kitchen – Muppets Cake

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Norie's Kitchen - Muppet Show Cake

It’s time to play the music
It’s time to light the lights
It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight
It’s time to put on make up
It’s time to dress up right
It’s time to raise the curtain on the Muppet Show tonight
When I was a kid and I heard this song playing, I would run in front of the TV and watch one of my favorite shows then, “The Muppet Show”.
So I was excited to make a cake based on the characters of the show. The top layer of the cake is based on the movie “Muppets take Manhattan” where Ms. Piggy and Kermit were wed. The bottom 2 layers are the other muppets.
Cake details:
Size: 10″, 7″,4″
Icing: Fondant
Characters: Gumpaste





Norie’s Kitchen – Baby Looney Tunes Cake 2

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My 2nd time to make a Baby Looney Tunes cake. I made this with cupcakes with 2D Baby Looney Tunes characters on them. Here are the cupcakes


Norie’s Kitchen – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Cake

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This is the first time I made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cake. Since the Ninja Turtles always order pizza when they are celebrating, I chose to decorate the cake like it’s on top of a pepperoni pizza.

2015 in review

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Thanks for taking time to visit norieskitchen.com.

Happy New Year and God bless!

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 100,000 times in 2015. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 4 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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