Here is the story how I started in making custom cakes.

I was just a plain housewife who dreamed of creating beautiful custom cakes. I wasn’t a newbie when it comes to baking. My cookies and revel bar are really good. But I never had the strength to try out custom cakes. I used to think that I have to enroll in some kind of school to make those kind of cakes. That way of thinking stopped me from trying out the talents God gave me.

Then one day, somebody from my family wanted me to make them a cake for their wedding. I reluctantly made their cake because at the back of my mind I thought that my creation wouldn’t pass their guests standards. But it really turned out very well. Better than what I expected. Their guests were raving about how “cute yet elegant” their cake was.

Norie's Kitchen - Morales Santiago Butterfly Wedding Cake
The First Wedding Cake I Made

After that baptism of fire, I decided to continue baking and practicing making custom cakes. Now I am baking cakes not only for family and friends but to customers. I am now helping out with the family expenses through this business.

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