Last week I managed to make 4 cakes (Wario, Princess Peach, Daisy Cake, and this Backyardigans Cake).

This is my current “career high” or in running terms my “PR” or personal record. Saying it was challenging would be a great understatement. But I enjoy what I do, so it made the challenge easier. I love to bake and decorate cakes and my heart flutters when I finish the cake and like how it looks.  What I love more than making the cakes is knowing that the kids that I make these cakes for are happy with their cakes.

Here is the picture of the  Backyardigans Themed Cake

Norie's Kitchen - Backyardigans Cake

Norie's Kitchen - Backyardigans Cake

This is an all edible cake. The characters were made of gumpaste and the cake was covered with fondant. I added grass details on the side to reflect the backyard where the “Backyardigans” play and enter into their pretend world.