Last Sunday I received an inquiry if I could make a cake topper for their wedding cake and I accepted their order.

I asked them for the details of their wedding. They said they are going to have a Filipiniana wedding in Tagaytay and they will be wearing Piña fiber wedding gown and barong tagalog. They also sent me a copy of their pre-nuptial picture as a guide for the cake topper that I would be making.

Here are the cake toppers I did for JM and Abigail. These are only samples by the way, sort of an audition,  if i they would order their cake toppers from me on their wedding.

Norie's Kitchen - Filipiniana Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

Norie's Kitchen - Bride and Groom Cake Toppers

Here is the detail of the groom:

The Groom Cake Topper. Here the groom is wearing the a barong tagalog. The original groom also has a goatee so I included it on his cake topper

Norie's Kitchen - Groom Cake Topper

Norie's Kitchen - Groom Cake Topper


Here comes the bride:

The bride’s gown is made of Piña so I didn’t make the color pure white. I also included details of lace on the cake topper’s gown.

Norie's Kitchen - Bride Cake Topper