Cake ideas come out from everywhere. But I get it mostly from my son, tv, internet, iphone games but this time it was a potential customer who gave me an idea for a cake that I want to make.

Last week someone inquired if I can make a Pororo cake. I thought she meant Pocoyo and the spell check on her cellphone just changed it to Pororo. I was out for delivery that day so I had no way to check what Pororo looks like.

When I got home, I immediately checked what or who is “Pororo”.

It turned out that “Pororo” is a Korean cartoon character. A cute little penguin. I immediately fell in love with the penguin and would like to make a “Pororo” Cake. The person who inquired about the Pororo cake is looking for a cake with soft icing. But I only make fondant covered cakes. So I guess she wouldn’t push through with her order, but I soooo like to make the cake. If she doesn’t order it (I hope she changes her mind though hehe), I am going to make it for my son’s 1st year birthday.

Here is a picture of Pororo and Friends

Pororo and Friends

I want to make a Pororo Cake

Anybody out there who wants to have this cake?