Norie's Kitchen - Pororo Cake

Norie's Kitchen - Pororo Cake

I love reading books and one of the books I find intriguing is the one written by Rhonda Byrne, “The Secret”. After reading that book, I tried to apply what I learned and tried to manifest what I want to happen in my life. On my November 29 blogpost, I wrote that I wanted to make a Pororo cake because I find the characters cute. Now finally somebody ordered a Pororo cake. Is it the power of “The Secret” or just a coincidence.  Whatever it is, I am glad I get to make this cake. By the way, I also said in one of my Facebook posts that I want to make an Angry Birds cake and now somebody is already asking me to make them one. =)


Here are the cake details:

Size: 8 inches x 3 inches (cake only)

Flavor: Vanilla with Buttercream (yummy)

Icing: Fondant

Cake Toppers: Edible (Gumpaste)

  • Pororo (Blue Penguin wearing the aviator hat and goggles)
  • Petty (Female Penguin)
  • Loopy (Pink Beaver)
  • Poby (Polar Bear)
  • Krong (Baby Dinosaur)
  • Eddy (Fox)