Its been awhile since I posted something new on this blog. Well, here is a cake ordered from Norie’s Kitchen for a couple celebrating their anniversary. It was quite short-noticed so I wasn’t able to get the tiny little details of their lives that I love to incorporate in my cakes. All that I got was that they loved to plant on their garden.

Here is the cake I made for them.

Anniversary Cake for a Gardening Couple

Anniversary Cake for a Gardening Couple

I made the couple look like they’re busy planting on some pots. I included a garden shovel and a pair gloves too. The couple is then surrounded by flower patches. For the soil I used grounded Oreo cookies.

Cake Details:

Size: 6″ x 3″

Flavor: Chocolate

Icing: Fondant

Cake Toppers: Gumpaste