I have a four-year old kid named Marcus. He is not an ordinary kid, he is the chief cake critic of my cakes. He is also the source of my ideas when it comes to cakes. This makes sure that all of my cakes are kid friendly. I know that my cake looks good if he gives a thumbs up. This Handy Manny cake was rated 2 thumbs up by Marcus.

Norie's Kitchen - Handy Manny Tools Cake

Norie's Kitchen - Handy Manny Tools Cake

A Handy Manny Themed Cake.

The tools are made of gumpaste.

Cake Details:
Size: 8″x 3″
Flavor: Chocolate
Icing: Fondant
Height including cake toppers: 11″

Cake toppers:
Felipe – Phillips Screwdriver
Turner – Flathead Screwdriver
Stretch – Tape Measure
Squeeze – Pliers
Pat – Hammer
Dusty – Hand saw
Rusty – Monkey Wrench