Norie's Kitchen - Angry Birds 3

Norie's Kitchen - Angry Birds 3

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This is the 3rd version of the Angry Birds Cake. As I wouldn’t like repeating my designs, I always try to add something new to my cakes.

On this version, I used the same font as that of the Angry birds logo for the name of the celebrant. But I already did that on the last version, this time I added the Angry Birds scenery the rising sun with the rolling hills on the background.

Norie's Kitchen - Angry Birds 3 - Scenery Detail

Here is the detail shot of the Angry bird scenery. I took this from a screenshot on Rovio's Angry Birds webpage.

Then I combined the sceneries on both versions. I added the empty nest (version 1) and the cooking pigs(version 2). This time I made a structure featuring wooden planks and TNT boxes where the king pig is sitting.

Norie's Kitchen - Angry Birds 3 - Pig Team

Detail shot of the wooden planks and TNT boxes ready to be destroyed by the Angry birds. The King pig is seen here sitting on a TNT box, not the wisest of choice for a throne =). The construction, mustache, and soldier pigs are also featured here cooking the eggs.

I also added the 2 new birds:
–> Green Bird
–> Big Red Bird (loaded on the slingshot)

Norie's Kitchen - Angry Birds 3 - Bird Team

etail shot of the Angry Birds Team. I have added 2 new birds, the Green bird and the Big Red bird(currently loaded on the slingshot).

Cake details:
Size: 12 inches (this cake is big that’s why all of these design elements were possible)
Flavor: Mocha with Mocha Buttercream Filling
Icing: Fondant
Accessories: Gumpaste