“They try to tell us we’re too young” – Toyang by Eraserheads

This is the opening lyrics of one of Eraserheads’ hit songs. They were one of the famous bands here in the Philippines and I grew-up listening to them back in college (age spoiler…hahaha). So it wouldn’t be a surprise why they are adored by a lot of people.

That’s why when I asked to make an Ely Buendia cake, I was ecstatic. The challenge was how can I make Ely Buendia into one of my cake topper. I started with this question: “When you think of Ely Buendia? What comes to mind”
The answer was:
1. White Dress Shirt with necktie
2. Chuck Taylor Shoes
3. Telecaster
4. Ely Buendia Hair

So I designed my cake topper with those four items. I also added the logos of Eraserheads and Pupil. For the name of the celebrant, I reversed the E’s ala e-heads logo.

Too bad that they disbanded already and their last song they sang as a group was “Toyang”.

Cake details:
Size: 8″
Flavor: Chocolate
Icing: Fondant
Character: Gumpaste