I was thinking of what to name this cake for the longest time. This cake is both my 42nd Angry Birds cake and also my 18th Plants vs Zombies cake. Patrick Joseph’s dad requested me to make a cake that would combine his son’s favorite games. It helped that he ordered a big cake this gave me a bigger “canvas” to work on.

For this cake, the story is that the Pigs called on the Zombies to help them get the Angry Birds eggs. That’s why you can see a zombie holding an egg on the right side of the cake. We can also see that a conehead pig beside the candle. I also included a zombie with a pig’s head climbing to join the King Pig on top of the structure.

It would be natural then for the birds to employ the help of the Plants. On the left side of the cake a Cherry Bomb is being launched on the slingshot. Blue Birds are being shot out of a Peashooter.

Cake details:
Size: 12″ x 16″
Flavor: Chocolate
Icing: Fondant
Characters: Gumpaste