Most of the cakes I make are for kids but once in a while I get requests for cakes that has a more mature theme. This is one of those cakes.

Here is the request:

I’d like to have a crime TV show-themed cake made for my mom’s 56th birthday. I was wondering if you can make it like your Plants vs. Zombies Cake #12 but instead of the plants and the zombies, you have cartoon versions of the characters from famous crime TV shows like NCIS (Agent Gibbs and Abby Sciuto), Castle (Rick Castle and Kate Beckett) and Hawaii Five-O (Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams), standing around a dead body on the ground. Then running around the sides of the cake is the yellow “Crime Scene: Do Not Cross” ribbon.

And the picture above is how it came out.

Here are the reference pictures I used to make the characters on the cake

Norie's Kitchen - Crime TV Show Cake

Norie's Kitchen - Crime TV Show Cake

Cake Details:

Size: 9″ x 13″
Flavor: Chocolate with Ganache
Icing: Fondant
Characters: Gumpaste

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