This cake was made to look like it was covered it Skittles. I love how colorful this cake is and how it challenged my color mixing since I had to recreate every color of the rainbow for this cake. So since it was supposed to look like it was covered in candy, I had to make a lot and I mean a LOT of small circles of fondant and stick them individually to the cake. While making this cake I remembered the style of painting called “Pointilism” wherein the painting wasn’t completed using brushstrokes but by small colored dots on the canvas. Well this is my version of pointilism on a cake. =D.

Cake Details:
Bottom: 14″ x 6″
Middle: 10″ x 6″
Top” 8″ x 6″
Flavor: Lemon Butter with Buttercream Filling
Icing: Fondant
Characters: Gumpaste