In our society nobody writes as much as before. With the internet, nobody bothers to write (as in using pen and paper) anything to anyone anymore. I think writing is a romantic thing. Writing is very personal you can know a lot in person by the way he writes. It’s the written word that makes a lowly piece of adhesive paper into something you treasure.

That’s why I think this cake is so romantic. They wanted me to make a cake incorporating Post-its. The humble sticky note probably played a pivotal role in their love story for it to be included on their wedding cake.

They wanted me to make a cake with a white base and the green and pink post-it colors. I covered the cake with white fondant. To break the monotony of an all white cake base and to add an air of elegance to it, I added cut-out flower shapes to the sides to make it look like its covered with lace.

I then added rows of green fondant post-its at the bottom of the cakes. I then splashed pink fondant post-its and wrote the words Love, Honor, Cherish, Forever on them. On the center of the pink flowers I added silver dragees to add bling to the cake.

Cake details:
Bottom: 14″ diameter x 6″ high
2nd Layer: 12″ diameter x 6″ high
3rd Layer: 10″ diameter x 6″ high
4th Layer: 8″ diameter x 6″ high
Top: 6″ diameter x 6″ high

Flavors: Chocolate and Banana Walnut

Norie's Kitchen - Post it Wedding Cake-Venue

Here’s the cake after we set-it up at the venue