Before posting this cake, I had a problem of what to call this cake again. I didn’t know whether to make this a part of the Angry Birds series or the PvZ series. The layout of the cake features the Angry Birds space at the back of the cake. I placed 2 mini cakes which I made to look like asteroids to perch the birds and the pigs. I also added the pig with the grappling device trying to get an egg. On the front part of the cake are the plants and zombies. The characters here were requested by the birthday boy and he specifically asked me to put Dr.Zomboss and Chomper to be placed beside his candle. And all of this is possible because I had a lot of “real estate” to put in all the characters.

Cake details:
Size: 12″ x 16″
Flavor: Chocolate
Icing: Fondant
Characters: Gumpaste