When the Avengers the movie came out it created a spike on my webpage and a lot of people inquired if I can also make an Avengers cake for them. But a lot of them were not from the Philippines so I wasn’t able to make their cakes.
For this cake, I decided to make the cake a bit dark. This would balance out the colorful costumes of the characters. For the background, I made a cityscape since the movie was shot in New York City. Then I added the Avengers logo and the name of the celebrant which I handpainted with an edible silver glitter. Then my son helped me with the placement of the Avengers. He said that Captain America should be in-front since he is the leader. Then at the back would be The Hulk and Thor because of a scene in the Avengers Movie that he thought funny. Then Ironman and the Black Widow will be at the sides of the cake because he remembered that Black Widow became Ironman’s assistant in another movie. Whenever I make cakes for boys, I ask my son to help me out with the design because he knows what’s cool for boys like him.

Cake details:
Bottom: 10″
Top: 6″
Flavor: Chocolate
Icing: Fondant
Characters: Gumpaste