Ben 10 Cookie Pops

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Norie's Kitchen - Ben 10 Cookie Pops

Norie's Kitchen - Ben 10 Cookie Pops

Are these cookies or are these lollipops. Whatever your answer is you’re partly correct. These are the latest product from Norie’s Kitchen –> COOKIE POPS

Ben 10 Cookie Pops

Cookie diameter = 3 inches
Flavors = Chocolate and Vanilla
Made from sugar cookies with chocolate and vanilla flavors. The designs are made with fondant individually cut then attached to the cookies. These cookies feature 3 designs; the Ben 10 Logo, The Omnitrix, and the face of Swampfire.


Premium Cookies

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Norie's Kitchen Premium Cookies

Norie's Kitchen Premium Cookies

Here are the cookies that I bake. My best seller is the dark chocolate flavor. These cookies are BIG. They are almost as big as a saucer.  I made this cookies as part of our daily coffee routine  Saying that my husband and I love coffee would be an understatement. And these cookies made our coffee routine more enjoyable.

These cookies were supposed to be for our consumption only. My son also loves these cookies. He couldn’t wait getting his share whenever I bake a batch. But my husband decided to give some to his officemates. They liked it very much and they ordered from him. Now my husband’s is my glorified delivery man for these cookies.

So if you are in the Makati Area you could meet up with him for your orders…

Cookies are packaged in a microwaveable tub containing 5 pieces

Available Flavors:

Dark Chocolate (Best Seller) – P100.00
Chocolate Chip – Oatmeal – P100.00
Walnut – Raisin with Cinnamon – P120

If your interested to order my cakes or pastries you can reach me at :

email: cakesbynorie@gmail.com

facebook: Norie’s Kitchen Page

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