Norie's Kitchen - Book Preacher.jpg

My family and I are Feast attendees. We belong to the Feast Dasmarinas community and we celebrated our Feast builder’s birthday last week. This is the cake I made for Bro. Boggs and the story behind the design.

I used books as the theme for his cake since as a builder he has to learn new things to make him more effective in serving God. For the title of the books he is standing on, I used the different roles in life. The bottom book pertains to his role as a leader of the two Feasts (Bacoor and Dasmarinas) aside from being a leader in his career. The second book refers to his role as family man. There is also a reason why he is standing on these books.

The third book where the cake topper is leaning on is the Holy Bible. I positioned it this way because of what the leaning position represents. When you lean on something, that something provides you stability and strength. In this case he is leaning on the Bible, God’s word. This means that God’s word is his source of stability and strength so he can handle the challenges of being a leader to us and a loving father and husband. This is the reason he is standing on the other books.